Take a Stand

by Murder State

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Take a Stand is Murder States first official EP which is set for release on April 13th! It was recorded at Cameron Hanes' home studio.


released April 13, 2013

Murder State is:
Bass/Vocals - Collin Hanes
Guitar/Vocals -Lukas Beneteau-Forgues
Drums/Vocals - Bryan Thomas

Production and Mixing - Cameron Hanes
Album Artwork - Alexandra Dropkick



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Murder State Ottawa, Ontario

Murder State is a three piece punk band from Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Guitar - Lukas

Drums - Bryan

Bass - Scott

Vocals - Everyone

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Track Name: Black Sea
This city's swimming in a black sea
The high tides been sold
Swimming in a black sea
What's inside of you?

Our own bi-product being forced back upon us
Through open waters, you're committing a crime
Denial of right, you’re doing such wrong
Those in control know these waters aren’t calm

Intake by the masses leads to chemical reaction
Sickness leads to death from the young straight to the old
From the mainland to the island, broken hearted children crying
And this beautiful country’s supposed to follow our lead?

Swimming in black sea
The high tide’s been sold
Track Name: Take a Stand
I don't know what other people think
I don't know what other people say
All I know is that I know what's best for me
You can't tell me how to live my life
You can't tell me how I should behave
All I know is that if you do, I will just scream no!

I go through all these things you just don't understand
Just because I don't say them doesn't mean they don't exist
All I know is that i'm going to
Take a Stand!

You can't be my 10 commandments
You don't know everything about life
It's something that I must figure out on my own
Every time you tell me what to do
I wonder what's going in your head
You sit on your high horse, thinking I'm brain dead!
Track Name: Corrupt Authority
We as humans have our rights
But the boys in blue just want to start fights
Peaceful protests need crowd control
The men you arrest get no parole
Beat us down, take away our freedom
Tell me why, you’ve got no reason
You’ve got the gun in your hand
That makes you the bigger man

Don't be so ignorant, they'll attack without hesitation
Evidence is clear there is no wild imagination
Brutal acts of so called protectors of the nation
Power Corrupted innocent souls fuel the hatred of our youth

The don’t want to hurt you at all
But they throw themselves in before there’s even a brawl
Next thing you know, it’s just you and him
You take the hits, you know you can’t win
Their authority’s gotten to their heads
Their code of honour’s nothing but dead
They may “stand on guard for thee”
But those fuckers have corrupt authority

They beat their riot shields in our faces
But it’s about time the beaters swapped places
Let’s kick-start a revolution
United citizens can control a nation
Let’s remold society
Police brutality’s the last thing that we need
Bring the press, we’ll start a global movement
Showcase authority’s disenrollment
Track Name: No Need For a Name
Watch the world unstimulated
Pen in hand, I’m not motivated
No credible source, no source at all
No stories told on these plain white walls

It’s obligation not inspiration
Just a random design to be sung in time
Meaningless words strung together
Meaningless words but they last forever

Hungry for creation with no appetite
Words won’t come to me tonight

I’ve created a bit of a challenge I guess
A fun little game, I’m put to the test
Waiting for hours for something to say
Night after night, day after day

It’s almost over, the struggle has ceased
My weary mind can be put at ease
One more push, I’ll be there then
One more push, it’ll all end
Track Name: All Aboard
Look in the mirror, tell me what you see
I see a naïve mind being told who to be
Big names won’t make you big game
It’s such a tragedy

You’ve got the fashion, you’ve got the look
I’m sorry my friend, you can’t deny it
But the bandwagon’s got you hooked
You’ll be kissing the asses of the corporate masses
For as long you look good
I’m sorry my friend, you can’t deny it
But the bandwagon’s got you hooked

You’re all just a big sad sign of the times
You’ve got your Obey swag so you’re doing just fine
With your money and your clothes, you’ve got a place to go
Three cheers for society!